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Speech in the Car: Talk! Describe or narrate what you’re doing. “I need to find my keys so we can turn on the car”. Your child listens to everything you say, so being a good model is a great way to develop their speech and language skills. Sing!  Think about songs you learned in school like the ABCs or the

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Lainey’s Top 5 Speech Therapy Toys and Materials

1. BOOKS! – I love using books with any age. When working with a larger group or whole classroom I love the Big Book Kits! 2. OPEN ENDED TOYS – The farm set is one of my favorites for the little ones. We work on concepts, increasing language, vocabulary, and even speech sounds! 3. CAUSE and EFFECT – I love

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Build Your Child’s Literacy Skills With CARE

The best way to read and interact successfully to build your child’s literacy skills is to CARE: Comment “Look at the brown dog eating his food.” Ask Questions “Why do you think the dog is eating?” Respond “Oh, yes, I think he looks hungry too.” Extend Add words to what your child says. For example: Child: “Hungry dog eat.” Parent: “Yes, the hungry brown dog

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Strategies for Working with Preschool Children with Language Delays

Looking for strategies for working with preschool children with language delays? Here are some SMART tips! Slow down (e)Mphasize Add visual Repeat instructions Time to respond S: Slow down (your speech). Children with developmental language delays need extra time to process speech and language. If you speak too quickly, they miss information. M: Emphasize key points (see what I did there?). Children with developmental language delays

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Home-Based Therapy Blog

What are the Benefits of Home Based Speech Therapy?

Benefits of Home Based Speech Therapy What is Speech Therapy? Speech Therapy encompasses much more than just helping someone speak. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) states that “Speech-language pathologists, or SLPs, work with people who have problems with speech, language, thinking, and swallowing.“ Speech Therapists also work with many aspects of communication, voice disorders, cognition, social-language, and much, much more.

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Teletherapy Blog

What is Teletherapy?

What is Teletherapy? Teletherapy is delivering online professional services by linking a provider to a client through telecommunication technology, often from a distance. Modern-day technology can now connect clinicians with clients no matter the distance or situation. Telespeech – teletherapy – telehealth – telepractice – telerehabilitation…as with many labels, it’s interchangeable in this regard. We live in a world with

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Sippy Cup

Sippy Cups That Promote Toddler Speech and Language Development

Did you know that the types of drinking cups your toddlers use can impact their speech and language development? Using the right type of cup can positively impact development while other cups can actually get in the way of development. When evaluating toddlers with speech and language delays, I often begin by asking parents if I can see their child’s

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