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How do I know if my child needs Feeding Therapy?

If you have noticed your child has aversions to certain food textures, has difficulty in swallowing, or if meal time causes anxiety for your child, please reach out to us.  We are here to help and can help advise you on whether or not we recommend an evaluation.  We will answer your questions so that you know what to expect.    Our pediatric feeding team is highly experienced and specialized. We will work in collaboration with you to get your child back on track. 

feeding therapy
Feeding therapy

How does TherapyWorks' process work?

To get started, complete our get started form; a short questionnaire that enables us to gather information about your child before selecting a therapist.  After we review your responses, we will thoughtfully select a therapist who we feel is the best fit for your child based on your child’s needs and personality and the areas of expertise of the therapist.  You’ll have the option to include your insurance information, if you would like our billing team to check your coverage before getting started. Once completed, we’ll connect you with your child’s therapist. They will then reach out to you to schedule the first session.

What does feeding therapy entail?

A certified therapist will work with your child on the areas of need identified in the evaluation.  Here is a sample of some of the different areas we treat:

  • Food Aversions
  • Swallowing
  • Sensory Processing
  • Oral Skills
  • Food Orientation
  • Improving Your Child’s Overall Mealtime Experience
  • Anxiety

Our experienced feeding team hold additional specializations and certifications including:

Family eating
Feeding Therapy

What will happen during the feeding evaluation?

Your therapist will set up your first appointment based on your schedule and availability.  Our therapists use a variety of formal and informal assessment tools to obtain a comprehensive picture of your child and create a unique treatment plan based on your child’s individual needs. Parent communication is highly important to the TherapyWorks team. You will be fully informed and kept up to date on your child’s progress toward goals. 

How will I receive the results of the evaluation?

Your therapist will follow up with you to discuss results and recommendations for your child.  You will receive a detailed evaluation report and treatment plan from your child’s therapist.  Goals and treatment plans are measurable and trackable so you’re always aware of your child’s progress.

How long will my child need therapy?

The length of time your child will be in therapy will depend on the needs of your child.  Your therapist will create a detailed, customized, goal-centered treatment plan for your child and will give you periodic updates on how your child is progressing toward his or her goals.  

Does feeding therapy work via teletherapy?

The TherapyWorks feeding team has had great success treating via teletherapy. Children with food aversions and feeding difficulties often feel more comfortable when the therapist in not physically in the room, but providing services via our secure teletherapy platform. Parents and caregivers are directed on how to move the camera and when and how to present foods. Enabling parents to be an active partner in their child’s therapy has led to highly successful treatment outcomes that easily translate to all mealtimes. 

Feeding therapy

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