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Teletherapy Services

Inquire about speech, feeding, occupational and physical therapy telehealth services.

About Teletherapy

Teletherapy is therapy that is provided over a secure, live video connection. TherapyWorks provides speech, feeding, occupational and physical therapies via telehealth.  Research has show that teletherapy is as effective as in-person therapy.  Our team is experienced and innovative; making each session unique, fun and productive. We would be happy to discuss your child’s needs and how sessions would look for their specific personality and therapy goals.  Complete our get started form and someone from our team will reach out with scheduling and therapist options.

Benefits of Teletherapy

TherapyWorks families have reported several benefits of teletherapy. First, the ease of scheduling and convenience of staying at home has been ideal for parents. Finding a time that works well for therapy is much easier when there is no commute involved.

Another benefit of teletherapy is the increased access to highly specialized pediatric therapists. Our team of pediatric therapists hold a variety of specializations and training. Teletherapy allows us to easily match families with the right therapist for their child, even if they live in another city or state. 

Teletherapy has proven to be a convenient option for continuity of services for children. Fewer cancellations due to illness or other scheduling conflicts have increased the consistency of services, enabling positive treatment outcomes.
TherapyWorks’ therapists create interactive, engaging, and customized virtual sessions. Many of our therapists use tools such as green screen technology and other platforms to ensure that children of all ages are engaged and benefit fully from each therapy session.

Teletherapy for Children of All Ages

Our experienced team has had great success treating children of all ages via teletherapy. Sessions can be adapted to account for movement and specific treatment methods. For our youngest clients, parents or caregivers are coached on specific treatment methods enabling a unique collaboration opportunity.

Strategies and skills that are directly taught through teletherapy are easily incorporated and practiced at home. If you would like to discuss your child’s specific needs to determine if teletherapy would be an option, please reach out. We can work with you to determine whether this would be an optimal treatment method for your child.

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