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Resources & Autism Support

Explore a wealth of resources designed for individuals and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Our Autism category provides expert insights, practical tips, and evidence-based strategies, from early signs recognition to communication techniques and educational support. Immerse yourself in our community dedicated to understanding, acceptance, and empowerment.

TherapyWorks follows a multidisciplinary, family centered approach for children with autism and other disorders, and offers speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and ABA. 

A Multidisciplinary, Family-Centered Approach to Autism

Discover how a multidisciplinary, family-centered approach, which includes collaboration between families and specialists, can lead to improved outcomes for autistic children.
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The Importance of Assent in ABA Therapy

Therapist and Child Working on the Floor

What is DIR/Floortime?

Toddler Playing on the floor with a variety of toys and an adult therapist

What is ABA?

In this post, we answer the question: What is Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)?
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Trauma Informed Care in ABA 

Discover the crucial role of trauma-informed care in ABA therapy, ensuring tailored, compassionate support for children by understanding their unique histories and sensitivities, and find expert tips for selecting the right services for your child's specific needs.
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What it Means to be Neurodiversity Affirming 

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Narrow Interests in Children on the Autism Spectrum

Teenage Girls Talking outside of a School

Understanding Social Communication Disorder: How it Differs from Autism

Father Playing Ring Stack With Infant

Encouraging Engagement: Improving Joint Attention for Children on the Autism Spectrum

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Why & How to Use Visual Schedules

We explain why and how we use visual schedules for our clients with autism.
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Autism: Signs, Effectiveness of Therapy, and Other Considerations

Autism FAQs

Difficulty with Social Communication: Children with Autism have trouble interacting with others through verbal and/or nonverbal communication.

This can include trouble understanding the ways other people are communicating with them. They can also have difficulty using nonverbal or verbal communication appropriately with others.

Restrictive and Repetitive Behaviors: These are very specific behaviors that an individual does repetitively.

Examples include:

  • Lining up toys or other objects
  • Flapping hands when excited
    Talking about a certain topic over and over
  • Scripting (repeating a sound, word, or phrase that someone else has said, for example, a line from a television show)
  • Focused interests in certain areas (such as letters and numbers)