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About Physical Therapy

Pediatric physical therapists focus on enhancing and improving a child’s gross motor development and mobility. There are many reasons why children receive physical therapy services including developmental delays, injuries, and congenital or neurological disorders. Pediatric physical therapists work with children of all ages.

Physical Therapy Assessments

What to expect: When a child is referred for pediatric physical therapy, the first scheduled session will be an evaluation to determine the areas of need and create a comprehensive treatment plan. Goals commonly focus on improving overall strength and tone, increased range of motion, balance, reflex responses, movement patterns or motor planning, equilibrium, and posture. Treatment plans will focus on allowing a child to increase independence to move through their daily activities. 

Signs your child may benefit from physical therapy

Babies and toddlers are often referred for physical therapy when they are not meeting developmental milestones related to movement. Another common reason that parents might seek PT is torticollis. Babies with torticollis tilt their head to one side, caused by tense neck muscles on that side. Physical therapists are highly successful in the remediation of torticollis.

Children with bone, joint, muscle or brain injuries related to sports may seek physical therapy to rehabilitate their injury and prevent future injuries. Many children with cerebral palsy or congenital disorders work with physical therapists to improve their overall mobility, strength, stability and coordination.

Getting started with Physical Therapy

If you’re ready to get started, complete our get started form and our team will thoughtfully match your child with a pediatric physical therapist based on your child’s personality and unique needs. All of our physical therapists hold a doctorate degree in their field and are highly specialized in pediatrics.

TherapyWorks provides physical therapy nationwide via teletherapy and in-home in the Chicago area.

Physical Therapy via Teletherapy

TherapyWorks teletherapy for babies, toddlers and children with physical therapy needs has been very successful! Research indicates that providing services via teletherapy is as effective as in person treatment, especially when it includes a parent collaboration and coaching model. Armed with this research, we have focused on collaboration and caregiver coaching for all of our clients. We’ve found that, by using this approach, parents are empowered and effective allies in their child’s treatment. The American Physical Therapy Association supports teletherapy as an effective service delivery model.

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