What are the Benefits of Home Based Speech Therapy?

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Benefits of Home Based Speech Therapy

What is Speech Therapy?

Speech Therapy encompasses much more than just helping someone speak. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) states that “Speech-language pathologists, or SLPs, work with people who have problems with speech, language, thinking, and swallowing.“ Speech Therapists also work with many aspects of communication, voice disorders, cognition, social-language, and much, much more. Speech-Language Pathologist, Speech Pathologist, Speech Therapist, SLP, ST – the name is interchangeable.

Can effective Speech Therapy be provided in the home?

Yes! Absolutely!

A home environment is a natural environment. Children often feel more comfortable in this space, so treatment can be more productive. It’s a “safe space” when engaging with a new adult. Being in their “safe space” can also make them feel more confident, which also adds to productivity. Confident, calm clients result in positive therapy sessions.

What are the benefits of home-based Speech Therapy?


Speech Therapy in the home uses functional objects and surroundings to implement therapy. Whether that be targets for articulation therapy, personal toys to expand language use, typical routines (e.g., meal time, play time, daily ‘chores’), or everyday objects that are familiar to them. That works so well with carryover because it’s used in the sessions – it’s functional.


Sometimes, children don’t respond well to intervention in an unfamiliar place. Maybe your child thrives on routine and the change in environment is causing more frustration than good. Or because of medical reasons, your child cannot transport as easily as clinic-based sessions requires them to. Having a clinician come to you allows more flexible options for you and your child.


Also, there is typically a parent, guardian, or caregiver near (or even involved in the sessions!), so communication is very easy. Working with parents is the key to effective therapy; we teach you how to carryover these skills. You get to watch us teach these skills and then become the teacher for when we’re not around (which is most of the time).

When the family is involved, the child also gets access to more therapy. If you are with us during or after our sessions for education, you are able to implement our activities for a few minutes everyday. Being in a familiar environment with familiar routines, we as clinicians are able to show you how to build these techniques into everyday activities (e.g., morning routine, bedtime routine, meal time).

Are you ready to explore home-based Speech Therapy services?

Does the information above sound like it would benefit you and your child? Is getting your child packed up and out the door a time consuming task? Do you have a plethora of activities that driving 30 minutes to and from a clinic seems almost impossible? Or maybe transportation in general isn’t ideal for your family? Contact TherapyWorks to book your appointment!

By Karlene Tarran MS, CCC-SLP