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What is Teletherapy?

Parent with child participating in teletherapy session on laptop

Teletherapy: Definitions and Descriptions

Teletherapy, an innovative approach to therapy, is a session that occurs through secure video connection with your child’s therapist; allowing your child to receive professional help, such as speech, feeding, occupational, and physical therapy, without the limitations of distance or situation. With the rise of modern technology, telehealth provides unparalleled convenience and access to specialized treatment approaches such as PROMPT, SOS approach to feeding, myofunctional therapy and so many more. Research has proven telehealth to be as effective as in-person therapy for many children. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) has recognized it as a service delivery model since 2005. 

How does teletherapy work?

Through a secure platform, an experienced pediatric therapist will engage with your child via a two-way live video. Telehealth sessions are conducted in the same format as an in-person session. Opportunities for hands-on activities, interactive games, comprehensive evaluations, and personalized treatment plans are provided. For early intervention and some preschool age children, a parent or other adult is present to provide cueing and “hands-on” techniques or help with camera angles, if needed. 

What are the key benefits of teletherapy?

Convenience: Teletherapy offers the ultimate convenience. Parents and children can receive therapy from the comfort of their own home, which eliminates the need to pack up and travel to a clinic. It also means that families can access therapy from home without feeling the need to clean up or put on shoes.

Motivating Technology: Children are naturally drawn to technology, and teletherapy is no exception. The interactive platform, games, and comprehensive evaluations provided by the therapist keep children motivated and engaged throughout the session. With teletherapy, children are given the opportunity to use technology for a productive purpose, making it an effective and engaging approach to therapy.

Access to Highly Specialized Therapists: Teletherapy offers access to specialized treatment approaches and clinicians that are not available in certain areas. For instance, if you are in a rural area and do not have easy access to therapy, you can now receive therapy in the comfort of your home. Additionally, for those who require a specialized treatment approach, teletherapy can offer your child a clinician that has the right expertise and training.

Opportunity for Parent or Caregiver Involvement: Another one of the benefits of therapy at home is the opportunity to be more involved in your child’s therapy sessions. If your child is older, and independently participating in teletherapy, you will have the opportunity to meet with your therapist before or after each session. For younger children or those that require more support, you will have the opportunity to learn and apply therapy strategies during and after each session. These therapy strategies can often be integrated into your routine and practiced throughout your week.

Teletherapy is a convenient, and effective method of service delivery. With the added perks of accessibility, specialized treatment approaches, children’s love of technology, and the opportunity for parent and caregiver involvement, it’s no wonder why teletherapy has become increasingly popular. At TherapyWorks, we believe that teletherapy offers parents an innovative and exciting approach to therapy that can provide their child with the tools they need to thrive. If you are interested in teletherapy for your child, contact us to schedule a free trial telehealth session!

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