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Teletherapy Works!

When the Shelter-In-Place order was announced on March 20th, my stomach dropped. As a mom and a speech therapist, a dozen questions raced through my mind and I felt just about every emotion. I repeatedly asked myself, “How could this be happening?”  Unfortunately, I had to quickly adjust to our new normal to ensure that my children as well as my clients were continually supported. Thanks to TherapyWorks’ secure teletherapy platform, I was able to easily transition from in-person to teletherapy sessions. Teletherapy is not a new concept although its use has not been as prevalent as it is today given the pandemic we are experiencing. Research on teletherapy shows that it is an effective method of treatment for speech and language issues! That said, I will admit that I was a bit worried about how my clients would adjust to it. Change can be hard, especially for children, but I was excited to try this delivery method with my clients. Before each session, I email each client their unique link to our secure teletherapy session. Once connected, we are off to the races! Given that most children love the opportunity to be on a device or computer, they were excited to “see” me on their screen. Thanks to the community of therapists at TherapyWorks, finding new materials that are tech-friendly has been a breeze. The generosity and collaboration among professionals have been remarkable. In addition, many insurance companies are now covering teletherapy services! This all paves the way for teletherapy success! 

As we begin week 7 of our shelter-in-place, I know without a doubt that my clients’ speech and language needs can continue to be supported via teletherapy. Maybe some clients will even choose to continue with this delivery method even after in-person and in-school sessions can happen! Clients have been easily engaged and continue to make GREAT progress towards their goals. It is so reassuring to know that we can continue to make a difference in a child’s life thanks to the technology and support from our community. 

If you have questions or concerns about teletherapy, please reach out! We want to navigate this unfamiliar territory with you and answer any questions you may have. Click here for a free phone consultation or complete TherapyWorks’ innovative therapist match survey via the get started link below. 

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