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Benefits of Virtual Therapy

Benefits of Virtual Therapy

Advantages of Virtual Therapy

With so many of us spending more time at home, I have been thinking more and more about virtual therapy (aka teletherapy) and why I am so thankful it’s an option for me, the families that I work with, and my colleagues. While some people are still on the fence about virtual therapy, I wanted to share some of the most important benefits that the TherapyWorks team has experienced over the last 6 months: 

  1. Consistency of therapy: Virtual therapy allows for more consistency, and here’s why. This year more than ever, due to the complexities of COVID- 19, therapists and families are presented with occasions where they need to cancel sessions. Consistent sessions are imperative in pediatric speech language therapy. Our goals build on the progress a child makes each session. When sessions are missed, we miss an opportunity for continued progress. Virtual therapy gives us the opportunity to continue working with our clients , without missing a beat. We have found that the consistency of service, enabled by virtual therapy, has been an incredible advantage for our children. This has been very exciting for the TherapyWorks team; there is nothing we love more than watching our clients make progress! 
  2. Parent education: Speech therapy may look a bit different via virtual therapy, but research (and experience) tells us that it is equally effective. One advantage of virtual therapy is the increased opportunity for parent involvement and education.Our parents are able to discuss and practice various strategies that they can use with their children during play. The pediatric speech language pathologist can observe the parent and the child and make recommendations and adjustments. Our Parents have reported that they feel more empowered, and they are better able to carry over strategies between sessions because they have practiced under the guidance of a pediatric therapist. Parents have also expressed that they are able to better understand how to support their child’s development because they are more involved in weekly therapy sessions. 
  3. No delays: For families who aren’t comfortable with having a therapist in their home or taking their child to a clinic, virtual therapy gives families the option to begin right away. We have seen some families put therapy on hold or delay the start of therapy in hopes that the current pandemic conditions improve. We encourage families not to delay therapy given the situation because we know how important it is to provide therapy services as early as possible. If parents are unsure about virtual therapy, we recommend that they schedule a free phone consultation to learn more about how virtual therapy works. 
If you would like to inquire about virtual therapy services for your child, click the button below to answer and few questions about your child. Our team will follow up with a therapist recommendations. 
*All TherapyWorks therapists are licensed, certified and hold a masters or doctorate in their field. 
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