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Lainey’s Top 5 Speech Therapy Toys and Materials

Favorite Toys Blog

1. BOOKS! – I love using books with any age. When working with a larger group or whole classroom I love the Big Book Kits!

2. OPEN ENDED TOYS – The farm set is one of my favorites for the little ones. We work on concepts, increasing language, vocabulary, and even speech sounds!

3. CAUSE and EFFECT – I love this ball popper. It’s great for reinforcement or showing cause and effect with the younger kids.

4. QUICK TAKE ALONG BOOKS from SUPER DUPER – These on the go books are amazing for traveling therapists. I use them everyday in therapy. The sets target articulation, vocabulary, auditory processing, grammar, and much more!

5. ART- I love using art and crafts with many of my students. These Art in the Jar or Busy Boxes are great because they have step by step instructions for each activity. We work on following directions concepts or just maintaining a task.

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