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3 Engaging Games to Encourage Your Child’s Language Growth

Father and son playing charades

As many of you know, we love using games in therapy to promote language skills. Games are motivating and don’t feel like “work.” In this post, we’d like to share a few more of our favorite games that are sure to encourage language growth! We hope you have as much fun as we do playing!


1. Heads Up

Heads Up is an app you can download on your iPad or iPhone.  You put your device up to your forehead and your partner describes the word or phrase on the phone.  It’s a fast-paced describing game that is perfect for kids who can read.  The person holding the phone has to guess as many words/phrases as they can before time is up.  There are many themes or “decks” you can choose from.  My favorite kid friendly “deck” is called “Just Kidding” and is filled with kid friendly words and phrases.

How it helps speech and language development:

5 Second Rule is a great tool to help your child improve their vocabulary skills and understand the concept of categories.  This also improves their word finding abilities and turn taking skills.



2. 5 Second Rule Jr.

5 Second Rule Jr. is a great game to play with the whole family. This game requires you to name 3 items in a category within 5 seconds.  It comes with a game board, a timer, and game pieces to make it more competitive.  You could always take the timer away to make it a little easier for younger children.

How it helps speech and language development:

This is one of my favorite ways to target carryover of articulation skills.  Monitor your child’s target speech sounds while playing the game and prompt them when they make sound errors.  This game also addresses describing, sentence creation, word finding skills, vocabulary, and turn taking!


3. Tell Tale

Tell Tale is a story making game!  The game contains double sided picture cards.  There are a few different ways to play the game.  One way is to hand out 3-5 cards to each person and see who can come up with the best story using their pictures.  Another great way to play is to take turns picking up cards and create a story together.  Each time you pick up a card, you add to the story being made.  This way of playing can get really silly and fun!

How it helps speech and language development:

The most obvious skill Tell Tale targets is story telling!  Your child will also be working on sequencing events, creating sentences, describing, and turn taking.


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