Amy Briggs MA, CCC-SLP
Amy Briggs MA, CCC-SLP


  • Education
Syracuse University
SUNY Buffalo
  • Interests
  • pediatric speech-language intervention
  • Specialization
  • Significant experience with children with autism including background as an ABA therapist/teacher
  • Areas of Expertise
  • Apraxia of Speech,Auditory Processing Disorders (APD),Augmentative/Alternative Communication (AAC),Autism,Executive Function,Developmental Disorders,Early Intervention,Fluency/Fluency Disorders,Language Disorders,Learning Disabilities,Literacy,Phonological Disorders,Voice Disorders
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I was previously a speech and language pathologist with Birmingham Public Schools (BPS), where I have been thrilled to work for the past 3 years treating students in grades Pre-k through 5.  In addition to treating a wide variety of speech-language delays and disorders, I was a clinician on the county wide autism spectrum disorder treatment team, servicing all of Oakland County.  This program provides self-contained autism spectrum disorder classrooms for student with severe presentation of autism spectrum disorder, and is housed at BPS.   Prior to my time at BPS, I was the speech and language pathologist at Kent Lake Elementary School, part of South Lyon Community Schools (SLCS), where I worked for three years.

During my tenure as a school-based speech-language pathologist in Michigan, I have harnessed the creativity, knowledge and talent from my training and experience to implement strategies to help my students make meaningful functional progress in their speech and language, leading to educational success and greater involvement in the school community. I have also worked closely and collaboratively with colleagues to develop and implement multi-modal literacy interventions for learners with a wide variety of speech and language impairments, including severe presentations.  As a school-based practitioner, I have the benefit of having exposure to a variety of interventions, teaching tools, and approaches.  I also have intimate knowledge of what instruction looks like in the classroom, and the tools to aid staff in finding a fit for all students within classroom experiences.   I have also worked closely with parents to ensure a team-based approach to maximize student growth and build capacity among all communication partners.  I foster a culture of growth in my classroom and nurture the skills my students, their teachers, and families need to take ownership of therapeutic success and become independent in their use of therapeutic strategies.

I hold a Master’s degree from The University at Buffalo-State University of New York in Communicative Disorders and Sciences in the area of Speech and Language Pathology. In addition to my clinical and academic coursework, I conducted research on grammar acquisition in children with language impairment and severe hearing impairment/cochlear implant, and was intimately involved in the development and application of cutting-edge research on pediatric speech and language treatment. I hold a current license with the State of Michigan in Speech and Language Pathology, and a Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

I also previously worked as an Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) teacher and case manager at the McCarton School (now called The Keswell School) in New York City, one the country’s leading treatment centers for children with autism. I enjoyed a rich, highly collaborative teaching environment that optimized student growth. I bring this team approach to all my work and relish opportunities to foster student growth through communication and collaboration with coworkers.

I am highly dedicated to my field and passionate about empowering and teaching children to use language for learning, self-expression and self-development in the fullest ways possible. I pride myself on working not only with my own caseload clients, but also with staff members and families to build competence in key communication partners.

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