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Speech and Language Development Milestones

As parents, we know there is a range of development. One child may begin speaking early and often while a sibling or peer takes their time.

The differences between children, even within the normal range of development, can seem drastic. There are a few major milestones to keep in mind (listed below) as your child develops. If you have concerns regarding your child’s speech and language development, it is always better to reach out to a professional versus “let’s wait and see.”. We know that the speech and language centers of the brain grow and change rapidly in the preschool and early elementary school years.

As speech language pathologists, the earlier we can start treatment for those children that need services, the better.

When to consider seeking Help?

PreSchool Years

■ Your Child is missing speech and language developmental milestones.
■ Your Child does not enjoy social interaction (i.e. eye contact or play).
■ Your Child rarely initiates speech but instead echos or repeats words to communicate.
■ Your Child has difficulty following simple directions.
■ Your Child's answer to simple questions are “off topic” or do not make sense.

Elementary School Years

■ Your Child has difficulty understanding spoken language
■ Your Child is not understood by most listeners
■ Your Child pronounces words incorrectly
■ Your Child has difficulty understanding jokes or sarcasm
■ Your Child does not enjoy social interaction or play
■ Your Child is unable to tell or re-tell a story that makes sense
exec function
Developmental Milestone

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