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Orton-Gillingham approach

Are you seeking reading support for your child?

  • We have Orton-Gillingham trained therapists who can help!
  • Over 90% of children who experience reading difficulties have evidence of language delays or disorders that can be treated by speech-language pathologists.
  • This multi-sensory and phonics-based approach has proven to be very effective for many elementary school-aged children who are struggling with reading and decoding.
  • Our Orton-Gillingham trained therapists create unique treatment plans for each child and track progress against measurable goals that they will share with you.
  • We want you to understand your child’s progress and celebrate your child’s success!

What are some things you should be looking for to determine if your child may be at risk of having reading difficulty?

Parents can look at several areas that can indicate whether your child may be at risk for reading difficulty.  If your child displays weakness in any of the following areas, you may want to consider pursuing a speech-language evaluation:

  • Phonological awareness skills: the ability to hear subtle differences between sounds
  • Verbal memory: the ability to retell a simple story
  • Expressive Vocabulary: 2600-7000 words expressively by age 6
  • Rapid serial naming: ability to fluently name several known items
  • Receptive language skills: follows three-step directions

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