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Approximately 1%, or 3 million Americans, stutter

  • Normal developmental stuttering occurs in children ages 2-6. Why? Because during this age, children are learning and developing their language skills at a rapid rate.
  • If stuttering or disfluencies persist for longer than 6 months or your child shows physical symptoms (i.e. eye blinking, tension of the face, or looking away), it is a good idea to pursue an evaluation.
  • Our specialized fluency expert is available to asses and treat stuttering and fluency disorders for children and adults. Contact us to schedule an in-home, in-school or tele-therapy evaluation with Alex Whelan MS, CCC-SLP. Alex is a highly skilled and experienced speech language pathologist that specializes in fluency. 

Resources: The Stuttering Source, Stuttering Help, The Stuttering Foundation, Stuttering Therapy Resources, ASHA 

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