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TherapyWorks team of pediatric speech, occupational, physical therapists and social workers are experienced and highly trained in working with children on the autism spectrum. As they say, if you’ve met one child with autism, you’ve met one child with autism. We are proud of our ability to tailor our therapy to the uniqueness of each child; setting them up for success. If you’re interested in learning more about autism or treatment related to autism, please don’t hesitate to reach out

Signs of Autism

Diagnosis requires symptoms in both categories

  1. Difficulty with Social Communication (eye contact, showing interest in others).
  2. Restricted Interests and Repetitive Behaviors (focusing on a specifically object or topic, repeating or doing the same thing over and over).
 If your child is demonstrating decreased eye contact and/ or restricted interests or repetitive behaviors it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are on the autism spectrum. We recommend reaching out to your child’s pediatrician or scheduling a free phone consultation. We’re happy to advise you on whether it would be beneficial to seek an evaluation for your child. 

Effectiveness of Therapy

Pediatric therapies for children on the autism spectrum is highly effective. What do we focus on?

  1. Bringing attention outward: Encouraging eye contact, shared experiences and social language development.
  2. Making social experiences joyful and desirable through reinforcement.
  3. Regulating Interfering Behaviors: Helping children calm and regulate behaviors and distractions that may inhibit their ability to learn and grow.
  4. Mass practice of weak skills. Focusing goals on the areas of highest need for each individual child.
  5. Reducing stress and providing stability to increase motivation. In order to meet goals and milestones we know that the experience has to be positive for the child. Creating a bond and determining what motivates each unique child is highly important.

Important Considerations

A few considerations based on current research evidence

Early intervention is highly important. The brain changes rapidly throughout our lives, with the most change occurring before the age of 8. As therapists, if we’re able to take advantage of brain plasticity at an early age, we’re able to make rapid progress toward meeting each child’s unique goals. 

Focused treatment should include:

      • Interactive play (i.e. DIR Floortime model)
      • Perceptual training (mirror neuron system)
      • Imitation of functional routines,
      • Executive function and theory of mind training.

Pediatric speech, occupational and physical therapists are often the first professionals to identify the signs of autism as 90% of children that receive an autism diagnosis are already receiving therapy. 

Many of our therapists are highly trained in working with children on the Autism Spectrum. Please reach out to discuss your child’s specific needs: info@therapyworks.com, 312.780.0820. 

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